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PT Dasaplast Nusantara was formerlyknown as Pabrik Karung (PK) Petjangaan. Has a production base in Jepara, Central Java, the company has over 35 years experience in producing burlap sack for the packaging of sugar and rice. Along with increasing demand of plastic sack and market development in plastic industry, management took a strategic decision to encroach on plastic business through partnership with private company that produces anti-slip plastic sack. According to the certificate of notary Mohamad Dahlan Kosim, SH number 02 dated March 10th 2004, the company was formed in 2004 as a joint venture of PT Perkebunan nusantara X (Persero) and PT Surya Satria Sembada. The company has transformed into a plastic industry player that increasingly though and competitive in meeting the market needs, including its captive market such as PT Perkebunan nusantara X (Persero) for the sugar packaging and warring to cover tobacco plants.

Vision Mission

Becoming a reliable plastic bags packaging in Indonesia for domestic and international market.

Innovating and investing in technology, marketing, and human resources to improve productivity and product quality in order to meet the satisfaction of the stakeholders.


Honesty, Trust, Openness, Cooperation and Harmony


  • Conducting business in the field of plastic and fiber industry.
  • Other businesses that support the field of plastic and fiber industry includes trading the products in Indonesia and around the world.


Dukungan Sosialisasi Asian Games XVIII Tahun 2018

Board of Director

Team Member

Moh. Afif Fauzi, SE

Team Member

M. Amier Hasanoedin, SE

Senior Executive Vice President

Board of Commissioner

Team Member

Benny Sandjaya, SE President Commissioner

Team Member

Yucundianus Lepa, Ir., M.Si


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