Our Service

PT Dasaplast Nusantara is engaged in the industry of plastic Polypropylene bag (PP), Polyethylene bag (Pe), Inner Bag, and Leno Mesh (Warring). The company is known as Indonesia’s leading plastic company with high quality products. The products are as follows:

PP Woven Bag and Inner Bag:
Can be used for sacks of sugar, flour, salt,sand, fertilizer, forage, etc.

Leno Mesh sack:
Phsically resembles a net/mesh with the larger cavities compared to warring
– can be used for sacks of agricultural products, such as fruits, vegetables, andothers.

WarrIng agronet:
especially used for shade grown tobacco, to protect tobacco plants from excess sunlight.

Flexible Packaging:
Our product are standing pouch, two/three side seal bag, center seal bag, lid cup, flexible packaging in roll.