PT Dasaplast Nusantara is engaged in the industry of plastic Polypropylene bag (PP), Polyethylene bag (Pe), Inner Bag, Leno Mesh (Warring), Standing Pouch, Two and Three Side Seal Bag, Center Seal Bag, Lid Cup, and Flexible Packaging in Roll. The company is known as Indonesia’s leading plastic company with high quality products. The products are as follows:

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The products produced include:

  1. PP Woven Bag made from polypropylene (PP) yarn in the form of circular (circular), with high tensile strength and low mass weight. PP plastic sacks are ideal packaging for bulk material packaging.
  2. Leno Mesh bag, leno mesh is a product that physically resembles a net / mesh with a cavity that is larger than warring and can be used as a media bag for packing agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, or other agricultural products.
  3. Warring, like in PE Tarpulin, warring is also useful for covering tobacco gardens protecting the garden from more sunlight.

PP Woven Bag Features :

  • Anti-Slip: the resulting sack has anti-slip capability that can make the sack able to hold the upper part and reduce the risk of slipping, reduce work accidents and change work safety standards.
  • Stitch Pull Strength: for packing bulk materials up to 50 kg.
  • Sack color: Transparent, White, Blue.
  • Printing: up to a maximum of 7 colors (2 sides).
  • Design: available cutting, upper side sewing, sewing and folding the bottom side, upper side strap handle, upper side ultrasonic sewing, etc.
  • Capacity: from 5 kg to 50 kg.
  • Lamination: one side, outside / outside coating prevents damage from water / air humidity.
  • BOPP and OPP Metalizer Printing: BOPP or OPP Metalizer plastic sheets that have been printed, are attached to the outside of the plastic sack with lamination.
  • Uses: for packing sacks of sugar, rice, corn, flour, salt, sand, fertilizer, fodder, and others.

Plastic Sack Products :

  1. Printing Sack
  1. Laminated Sack
  1. Transparant Sack

Leno mesh bag product :


Flexible packaging is a form of packaging that is flexible which is formed from aluminum foil, plastic film, cellophane, plastic film coated with aluminum metal (metalized film) and paper made one layer or more with or without thermoplastic materials or other adhesive materials as binders or construction coatings. packaging can be in the form of sheets, bags, sachets or other shapes.

Some examples of flexible packaging :

  1. Standing Pouch

    Standing pouch is a type of stand with a vertical stand with various materials, such as OPP plastic and nylon, aluminum foil, and there is a combination of aluminum foil and OPP plastic.

  2. LID CUP

    Lid cup is a plastic package in the form of a roll that is used as a glass cover.

  3. Center Seal Bag

    Center seal packaging or commonly known as pillow pack is packaging with a seal in the middle, top - bottom that forms a pillow. Usually this packaging is used for snacks, sachet, tea, beans etc.

  4. Two / Three Side Seal Bag

    packaging product of two or three side seals is a package that has 2 or 3 sides that are sealed with adhesive / seal.

  5. Packaging in Roll

    PP plastic rollers are almost the same as PP bags. But this type of plastic is still in the form of a roller.